Happy New Year, Happy New Blog

Hello! Hi! Hi! Hello!

Welcome to my first posting on my new website! I’m currently in the process of migrating everything (including my domain name) to WordPress, so none of the content from my previous site is up here yet.

Come to think of it, maybe I’ll just go ahead and start nice and fresh here, and we can all make a brand new start together. Shall we? That way, I don’t have to put in the hours figuring out how to migrate everything, we can all forget my new years resolutions from 2019 which I posted about and didn’t see to fruition, and we can wipe any knowledge of the relatively sub par posts I made last year.

I will continue to write about gender issues as they pertain to my own evolution. Depression, I’m sure, will be a recurring topic, no matter how high my dose of Cymbalta gets (my psychiatrist seems to be performing a one person study on me about how many milligrams of antidepressants one can ingest before they float off the planet from medicated euphoria). Parenting and my generally bumbling attempts at it. And whatever I can say about Hollywood without sounding like a bitter, rage-filled, psychopath (I’m not sure how anyone could exist for more than five minutes in this industry without losing their minds). Along with whatever nonsense strikes me.

Monty has been on vacation from school since December 21st. Of last year. There’s another seven more days of vacation before he goes back. Honestly, I may not make it. I may stick my head in the oven by Wednesday (spoiler: I will not be committing suicide any time soon. And if I were, I certainly wouldn’t tell you.). I suppose it goes without saying that you should be okay with suicide humor if we’re going to be cyber-pals (meaning, you read my blog and that’s the extent of our relationship, unless I know you IRL, in which case, you already know I joke about killing myself frequently and you’ve either chosen to stick around anyway, or you’ve already run for the hills.)

Anyway, my point was, that Monty has been on vacation from school and will be for another week, and I have found it next to impossible to find time to write because he’s in a phase where he makes noise from the minute he gets up in the morning until the moment he’s asleep. This phase has lasted approximately 1000 years which is weird because he’s only six and a half. And so I’m either trying to keep him entertained, trying to keep myself from going insane, or trying to hide from him by sleeping whenever Kurt is home.

But, here I am writing this post now to say that I’m migrating to a new website host and this is where you should come from now on for all things me-related. If you’re so inclined. I INTEND to post more often this year, as I’m trying to gt a book deal. So, if you have a pressing issue that would be best addressed by me, let me know! I’ll write about it. Maybe. Or maybe I won’t. Like, don’t ask me to write about something ignorant like “toxic femininity” (because that’s not an actual thing), or why abortion should be illegal (because it shouldn’t. Ever.). But if you want me to rank every James Bond theme ever, I will. Or if you want me to tell you why I barely speak to my parents anymore, I will open another bottle of wine and get going.

Yes? Good? Good.

About Daisy Eagan

Tony Award-winning actor (youngest female recipient), award-winning writer, mother, cross-sectional feminist, queer, lovable misanthrope. Black Lives Matter. Abortion is healthcare.
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2 Responses to Happy New Year, Happy New Blog

  1. Krista says:


    Can you please write a blog about your experience with The Secret Garden as a child. Tell us everything from auditioning, call backs, rehearsals, opening night, the shows, your relationship with the other children, your relationship with the actors, directors, producers, your Tony Award and what that was like to best put your fellow adult actors etc. I’m sure you have lots of funny backstage stories. Oh, and who are the guys in room 402?
    I think this would make quit an interesting blog.


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